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Weekly Photo Challenge

With COVID changing up 2020, lots of us have found ourselves spending more time at home . . . and some of us adopted new furry family members!! There has been a huge increase in pet adoptions since the stay at home order was recommended. What a great time to train a puppy or get a kitten!

There were so many other families applying for dogs, that it took us 3 months to get ours after applying for a good 6 other puppies. Lots of competition out there! We adopted a mastiff mix and named him Mango. He was just 9 weeks old when we brought him home.

With 4 kids and a young pup, I thought it would be fun to document their growth! So I committed to doing a weekly photo for a year. And at first this was super fun! Then it gets harder as the weeks go on -- getting everyone to cooperate is a task in itself. But it is so worth it to see them all change together (see my instagram MANGO highlights for every weekly photo!).

So, I decided to pick the same spot for consistency (a place that I could use in any sort of weather and that was easy enough to contain all their little bodies). And I give myself flexibility on the day of the week that we take the photo, because things come up with such a big family -- appointments, friends, work, or their moods . . . ha!

At the end of the year, I'm going to print a photo album through Chatbooks (highly recommend their quality and affordability). What a treasure right?

So, if you're at home and wanting to add something to your weekly routine to spice up this quality family time, try a weekly photo challenge -- this could be of anything!! Maybe you want to do self portraits, maybe you want to photograph all the yummy recipes you're experimenting with, maybe you want to photograph your child or your pet ... the possibilities are endless. No need for a fancy camera either (I'm shooting these with a Canon Mark IV and a 35mm lens). You could even take these on your phone and edit them in Lightroom mobile. There are so many LR mobile presets available for purchase now too to make the edits look really professional.

Follow me on insta to keep up with my weekly MANGO photo! And leave a comment here with your weekly photo -- I'd love to follow what you're doing too!

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